store solidaire Agorae

Evolving Agoraé project

The main purpose of Student Federation of Catholic University of Lille (FEUCL) is assisting its network of 34 000 students in a daily campus life as well as representing their interests in various local instances. Agoraé was established in 2012 as a place of solidarity with the objective to provide support to students of Lille metropolis. It serves as a necessities store with friendly pricing, the goods coming from the Food Bank and private donations. This place of mutual support, discussions and personalized assistance is equally accessible for every student. Agoraé helps to create trustworthy social links, but also increases awareness on healthy diet or ethical consumption, basically becoming a platform for various cultural and professional events. Each student is welcome to participate as well as help organize these projects.

G’IMPACTE assists in reshaping this framework of mutual discussions and support into a first multi-brand project together with the Catholic University of Lille. In collaboration with the entities of AFM (Association Familiale Mulliez) group, namely Decathlon, Kiabi, Tape-à-l’œil, Norauto, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Boulanger and Cultura, Agoraé is transforming itself to a place of even richer discussions, support and fellowship. A Solidarity Store is planned to be opened to students by the end of January 2021. Currently Brico du Coeur is renovating the premises and designing the place so that it is suitable to welcome new partners and new products.

The main idea of the project is to enhance the mission of Agoraé by enlarging product offer donated by AFM group entities and which will be available for students at the friendliest price. But that is not all: Solidarity Store will also serve as a platform of professional integration where international AFM group brands will provide training and their assistance to the youth.

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