G’Impacte platform

Digital G'Impacte solution

In partnership with Zei and Neoreeds

  1. Piloting, improvement and communication of performance indicators with Zei
  2. Tracking, consolidation and assessing valuable contributions on G’IMPACTE platform by Neoreeds
Interface de la plateforme Zei

Quantified footprint

Assess your performance

Algorithm created by ZEI selects the most important impact indicators for your organization according to specific industry, size and its other characteristics, and allows you to measure your environmental and social performance.

Define your goals

Set your own mid- or long-term objectives to monitor the progress in your impactful actions.

Access to Zei

Capitalizing on data

Track the progress of your entities

Track the advancement of qualitative and quantitative data by zones, but also the progress of every entity individually while reaching their own targets and creating their own G’IMPACTE contributions.

Communication leader

Highlight your positive impact together with G’IMPACTE targets you already reached when communicating with members of your team as well as your shareholders.

Access to G’Impacte by Neoreeds

G'Impacte by Neoreeds

Alone we go further, but together we go faster while collectively creating more impact ! G’IMPACTE is challenging, a true shake-up.


    Measure your impact

    Genuine performance indicator

    There is a new indicator of your activity which genuinely assess level of sustainability in your organization’s economic, social and environmental contributions!

    Reflecting your daily actions, it highlights your capacity to be inclusive, innovative, sustainable and transferable.

    G’IMPACTE Plateform