Hystra, an associate for companies which are in transformation through social and environmental innovations

Hystra has been a strategic consulting office since 2009, and fulfills its mission to design, test and accompany companies and inclusive alliances. It works with different actors of ecosystems of inclusive business: companies, social entrepreneurs, impact investors and funding partners through multiple sectors worldwide. 

A team of twenty consultants works closely with clients and partners sharing the same conviction that business is a major actor in our development process. 

Hystra x G’IMPACTE partnership

In 2019, Hystra organized, moderated and helped summarize two co-creation days for a definition of the new Decathlon Campus project (a company of Mulliez Group), innovative products and impactful services were in the center of this project. Following this first successful collaboration, Hystra and G’IMPACTE united their forces in 2020 again, this time to develop a robust modus operandi for entities of Mulliez Group which highlights business initiatives with social and environmental initiatives as well as defines key success factors to amplify them and assure these actions are focused on the long-term.

How does Hystra work?

From strategy definition to its implementation, Hystra help its clients through five complementary activities:

  1. Design and funding for inclusive and innovative companies, practices and projects (ex. business plan for Baobab+, african leader in solar system distribution);
  2. Inclusive strategy design for various companies (ex. Water on Global Level strategy for a division of Unilever which addresses issues of scarce and polluted water resources for consumers);
  3. Support of funding partners in involving actors of the private sector (ex. pluri-annual help for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in their programme Growth for Growth which aims to fight undernourishment);
  4. Funds and coalitions to create social and environmental impact (ex. incubator for B4IG coalition – Business For Inclusive Growth– which helps to create and accelerate inclusive economy projects and contributes to trainings as well as piloting projects with impact);
  5. Dissemination of knowledge on the world’s best practices (ex. report “Inclusive Projects within Multinational Companies: from idea to scaling up”).

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