Measuring footprint

Step 1

  • Context analysis,
  • Macro- and microeconomic stake analysis,
  • Interviews with numerous stakeholders,
  • Contribution matrix,
  • Quantified footprint results and recommendations (strategy, action plan, key performance indicators…).

Defining strategy focused on efficiency and value creation

Step 2

  • Building partnerships
  • Co-design
  • Strategic planning
  • Business plan
  • Project framework with defined governance

Project management and framework of assessment

Step 3

  • Transformation of existing business model
  • Transformation of job positions
  • Innovation of products, processes and services
  • Simulation of internal and external data
  • Dashboard for created value
  • Personalized interface design and subscription to our digital tools
Éoliennes - Abby-Anaday

Alone we go further, but together we go faster while creating more impact collectively! G’IMPACTE is challenging, a true shake-up.


    Measure your impact

    Genuine performance indicator

    There is a new indicator of your activity which genuinely assess level of sustainability in your organization’s economic, social and environmental contributions!

    Reflecting your daily actions, it highlights your capacity to be inclusive, innovative, sustainable and transferable.

    G’IMPACTE Plateform