NEOREEDS, creator of high-added value application for better decision making !

Created by Blandine Medda and Jérémy Laplaine in 2018, Neoreeds is an innovative French IT development firm. Partnering with Microsoft, Neoreeds uses agile methods to elaborate high-added value solutions with interactive dashboards for its clients.

Neoreeds dashboard

Entirely integrated with Microsoft Office 365 environment, Neoreeds develops its solutions with new tools of Microsoft Power Platform : web and mobile apps, automated data flow of a given entity, dashboards connected to Excel files.. The list of multiple quick and low-cost solutions for any type of entity is infinite (Etude Forrester analysant l’impact économique de Power Apps ).

Zei x G’IMPACTE partnership

In collaboration with Zei and G’IMPACTE, Neoreeds launched G’Impacte by Neoreeds platform which allows to make project follow up on available data, monitor projections, but also improve communication of achievements to project leaders and shareholders. Having associated know-how of Zei, Neoreeds made a successful fusion of the two tools where quantitative data registered on Zei are consolidated on the G’impacte by Neoreeds platform.

Partnership with G’IMPACTE is naturally born as both are sharing the same strong values of social and environmental responsibility and willingness to contribute to sustainable development goals. Neoreeds itself measures its impacts using Zei tools.


Created on Microsoft Power Platform, this tool allows users to have direct access with their Google or Microsoft accounts. 

Through web interface or the mobile app, every company can easily monitor their consolidated indicators, pilot their projects and edit documents for their stakeholders.

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Connect ecosystems and their data to conceptualize and monitor positive impact projects.


    Measure your impact

    Genuine performance indicator

    There is a new indicator of your activity which genuinely assess level of sustainability in your organization’s economic, social and environmental contributions!

    Reflecting your daily actions, it highlights your capacity to be inclusive, innovative, sustainable and transferable.

    G’IMPACTE Plateform