Retail brands committing to students of Lille

To cope with the negative outcomes of the pandemics, retail brands made a commitment to students of Lille metropolis. Coordinated by G’IMPACTE, the group of French retail companies namely Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Boulanger, Kiabi, Tape à l’oeil, Alice Délice (Adeo Group) and Norauto united their efforts to provide students and their family members accessible care products. The Solidarity Store concept was first tested in AGORAé, a student grocery store run by Student Federation of Catholic University of Lille. In addition, the competences of organizations such as “Les Bricos du cœur », « l’Agence du don en nature » and Catholic University of Lille enriched this meaningful project.

Sincere thank you goes to all the participants of this co-created solidarity project: Bertille Chacornac, Marc-Aurélien Boulvert, Didier Peillon, Denis Simon, Cyril Henon, Madeleine masse, Agnès Pirès, Laurent Vergult, Charlotte Manche Romain Canler, Emeric Froidefond, Sandrine Ruffet, Nicolas Cordier, Olivier Lapere, Delphine De Goy, Jean-Pierre Haemmerlein, Éric Lengert, Natalie Schumann, Béatrice Javary, Anne-Danièle Fortunato, Stéphanie Moreau, Sophie Barbet. Proudly presented by G’IMPACTE team: Gaetanne Gengembre, Stéphane Sanders, Mathilde Roche, Zouhour Douss, Camila Andrade, Corentin Cuvelier, Antoine Pillot, Alexander Herlen and Solveig Harrold.

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