Why inclusion?



In July 2018 the French government introduced so-called PAQTE law (Pacte Avec les Quartiers Prioritaires pour Toutes les Entreprises) in order to encourage companies to not only bring economical contributions in the locations they are established, but also social impacts in defined town districts.

Today 75 companies are signatories of PAQTE, including DECATHLON, and their commitment until 2021 gravitates on the 4 major axis:

  • Sensitization of the youth of the corporate world, increased number of internships;
  • Access to work-linked training;
  • Implementation of non-discriminatory recruitment policy;
  • More sustainable and inclusive purchases.

National program « Territory with zero unemployment » is an experiment since 2016 which seeks to reduce the number of long-term (more than 12 months inactivity) unemployed persons in the country, that is now 10 different areas with a population of 10 000.

To achieve this, unemployed persons and the partners’ committees of the local territory are brought together for co-construction of further actions.

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Why should we act inclusively?

Share projects with our ecosystem

Inclusivity allows us to bring people together and facilitates smooth co-existence with others – both persons and different entities. In this way we can co-create and share various projects with members of our ecosystem.

In a company, inclusivity means greater social employee mixity (male, female, persons with handicap..), but also internal policy which is taking into consideration local social challenges, which shows openness towards other members of its ecosystem and the willingness to create trustworthy links. Every actor with its whole team takes personal responsibility to build links and cultivate the culture of inclusivity so that equity and social cohesion could be reached, not forgetting the innovations and economic results.

Our commitment

Value creation

For G’IMPACTE inclusion is primarily based on partnerships which accelerate cooperation and amplify value creation for more dignity, mixity, education, training, professional integration and for better health.

We accompany on the following criteria:

  • We help to create new job positions and new concepts of organizational structures so that each individual could engage oneself for the benefits of the society;
  • Involve our stakeholders in discussions and work together for a healthier environment;
  • Make sports accessible for individual and collective well-being;
  • Innovate and facilitate the transformation while respecting our commitments, this is the way G’IMPACTE seeks to co-construct with you!
G'Impacte : critère de solidité et d'impact

Not only financial, but also social and environmental value is being created by different entities. Our method helps to define emerging criteria to measure these commitments.


    Measure your impact

    Genuine performance indicator

    There is a new indicator of your activity which genuinely assess level of sustainability in your organization’s economic, social and environmental contributions!

    Reflecting your daily actions, it highlights your capacity to be inclusive, innovative, sustainable and transferable.

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