Zei, un outil innovant pour valoriser la démarche RSE des entreprises

Zei, an innovative tool helping businesses improve their environmental and societal impact

Noël Bauza, founder of Zéro Eco Impact in 2016, which is known today as Zei, is leading a start-up with 14 teammates. He describes it as a tech platform which enables all involved organizations to target their challenges, measure their impact, witness evolution of their projects and improve communication with their stakeholders. It allows clients, employees, but also suppliers and investors to understand properly entities’ commitments and compare them with other entities in the same sector.

Today Zei counts more than 2 100 subscriptions on the platform, 800 referenced solutions and 500 types of indicators. In September 2020, ZEI fundraised 2 million EUR which will accelerate smoother and transparent environmental and social transition of committed enterprises.

Zei platform

Zei has the support of partners such as French Ministry of Ecology and Solidarity, Finance Innovation, World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and Croissance Plus.

Zei x G’IMPACTE partnership

Zei solution enables G’IMPACTE clients to design and classify specific indicators of their contribution, which is in-line with certifications such as B CORP.

How does Zei actually work?

Zei helps businesses to improve their social and environmental impact by giving tools of measurement, monitoring improvement and highlighting achievements for their clients and other stakeholders. This innovative tool allows to create and maintain a road map for every organization, considering each one’s specific sectoral environment and its challenges, and permitting their timely follow up.

This diagnosis tool also provides companies with a vast list of more than 800 registered innovations and suggestions for improvement, companies are free to use them to achieve their goals more quickly. For those who are willing, they can play the transparency card and share openly their profile data with their clients on their goals, challenges and chosen communication.

Private individuals can also benefit from Zei by consulting companies’ profiles and learning about their commitments. Zei also runs a webpage with enterprise rankings on different topics and shares tips on how customers can be more eco-responsible in changing their daily habits. This complete tool enables citizens to consume wiser and act more sustainably while taking into consideration social and environmental commitments of each brand.

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Involve organizations to target their challenges, measure their impact, witness evolution of their projects and improve communication with their stakeholders.


    Measure your impact

    Genuine performance indicator

    There is a new indicator of your activity which genuinely assess level of sustainability in your organization’s economic, social and environmental contributions!

    Reflecting your daily actions, it highlights your capacity to be inclusive, innovative, sustainable and transferable.

    G’IMPACTE Plateform